You and your dear one will always remember the story of your love, especially on your anniversary day. No matter how long you’ve been together, your anniversary (of whatever occasion you may be celebrating) are moments to recall those special happy memories and laugh about the bad ones. Even if you’ve known your darling for many years now, finding that perfect present that screams “I love you very much” can be tough! Also, for whatever reason, somehow, men are difficult to shop for—particularly finding the right anniversary gifts and ideas for him, with their varying themes and crazy rules can be even more challenging. Make this day memorable as you present to him something from this curated list for anniversary gifts that’ll constantly remind him of your true love and devotion for him. Below, list of traditional and not-so-traditional anniversary gifts for your husband/boyfriend will work for any year! (feel free to steal these ideas for other holidays and his birthdays as well!). From Kettle Pizza-Pizza Oven Kit,  Kayak ( for two ;)), his ever favorite Jedi Towelling Bathrobe, we have gifts in every price range and for men with varied interests and personalities. Thankfully, a lot of these anniversary gift ideas for him (boyfriend/husband) can work for him, or even work for couples as a unit- you might find that you both can get good use out of some of these presents— btw, it is your anniversary too, you know (wink, wink)! Yes- it’s possible to find not-so-traditional anniversary gifts that suit your budget, are both unique, and useful – you’re in the right place!

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