The internet is a vast space, with a tonne of weird stuff and great gag gift ideas. So, while this may be a great place to find crazy funny gifts/present ideas for men and women, you’d benefit from our other gift guides if in case you’re looking for something less eccentric. If you’re not sure what makes a good & funny valentines day gifts for him/her, or your friends, coworkers, family, or significant other, then worry not! No matter what your recipient’s sense of humor is, this gift list has weirdly unique LOL-worthy products you probably never knew existed – like instant underpants that only needs water to be used, a tortilla style blanketwine glasses that look tipsy, and public toilet survival kit for your travel buddy, etc., the list goes on. While sentimental, romantic gifts are obvious ways to express your love’s strength, funny gifts reflect how close you are with the receiver. Especially if pranks, laughs, funny antics, and gags are the foundation of your relationship; then these would arguably be the best present, no? Whether you’re out here gift shopping for your witty friend with funny bone, funny valentines day gift for him or her or your grandpa with a great sense of humor, this list has all the unique and funny present ideas for men and women that we could think of. Make ’em pee a little!

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