It’s a fact that we’re living in the golden age of TV. But we’re also blessed to be living in the golden age of all engaging board and tabletop games? When we are kids we are presented with numerous toys and games to play with friends, from Chess to Monopoly and Scrabble, that we continue to play with larger groups even as adults! Multi-player Chess Boards, Catan, and Customized Monopoly versions (like GoT Monopoly) consume adult weekends. But is that all? With time, BG creators have gotten more creative, coming up with ideas that make and break relationships over Game Nights. Yes- fun, controversial, and kinda scary! Some are even fun to play over Zoom! Everyone (when in a group) have different tastes, and in general board gamers are a finicky lot. So don’t worry, whether you’re here shopping for games – big or small, for boys or girls, for kids or adults, for the brain or fun, we’ve researched and found something for every kind of gamer. Kids these days are physically adept, are more independent and sophisticated in their problem-solving. These days, toys and games for kids (boys and girls) have refined to feed their brains with imagination and creative play while involving friends. But if you are looking for more kids’ presents, stuff for teenagers, be sure to check out our other buying guides.

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