She may not be dating you for your ability to throw crazy surprises or for your gift-giving skills, but that doesn’t stop you from showing them off whenever you get the chance. This Holiday Season, impress her with one of these best gifts money can buy, whether your GF enjoys something more personalized or straight-up cute. Whether you’re looking for – last-minute Christmas gifts for your girlfriend, easter, mother’s day, or valentines day gift for new girlfriend – we’ve got you covered! While this list also includes some tried-and-tested standbys — think: watches, purses, and beauty products — it’s also full of unique gift ideas that’ll prove to your girlfriend just how much you know her! All of these picks, which range from funny (but all too relatable) presents to Hobby stuff to health & fitness gifts, are all so spot-on that she’ll be impressed (and surprised, really) that she hadn’t picked them out herself. Start browsing (last minute) Christmas, Valentines, Easter, or Mother’s Day gifts for your new Girlfriend!

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