You’re one of those over-the-top romantics and not someone who simply likes to settle — and neither does the special lady in your life. So, when Feb-14th comes around, you try to do everything in your power to wow your special someone with the gift(s) that they’ll cherish for the rest of their lives. While shouting out your love from the rooftops, delivering flowers, gifting fancy gourmet chocolates, and human sized-teddy bears are fan-favorites, as much as they’re lauded as romantic go-to’s, you can present outside-the-box this year with these unique Valentine’s Day gifts. This exhaustive list, which can be used to find Valentine’s Day Gift for your girlfriend, wifehusband, boyfriendmom, or best friend is full of thoughtful, unique, and fun gift ideas for men and women of all personality types. We believe in gift ideas that can be both practical and useful as they are romantic and convey the thought & love put into the item. Some of our Valentine’s Day gifts can serve more than one purpose: tease the spirit of adventure while also making a statement of a great gift for couples: – Double Kayak with Clear BottomUnderwater ScooterZip Line Kit, and Hanging Camp tent. Yes- unorthodox and fun, no? Oh, we also have traditional fan-favorite gifts on this list. If you’re still reeling and recovering from all the Christmas spending, don’t worry: many of the Valentine’s Day gifts here for husband, wife, and mom have a cheap price tag. But they are just as memorable as some of our luxury finds. If you’re among the larger group of last minute shoppers, don’t fret -as most of these gifts can arrive in as early as just two days or less – thanks to Amazon Prime. 

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