When a close friend or some family member gets married, we want to contribute and do everything possible to help with the big celebration. This is the biggest day of their life, and you try to play a role in making it special. Whether you’re in the wedding as a guest or are in the wedding party, either way, you’re likely looking for good/unique gifting options. When the couple creates a wedding registry, they take the fun out of the guesswork for guests (particularly close friends) who hope to gift them something more personal and special than simply writing a check/giving cash. But then, if you decide to go off the registry list, you need to make sure the wedding gifts for the couple/friends will be enjoyed and treasured by them for many, many years to come. Irrespective of whether the bride and groom are just acquaintances, co-workers, or close family member- like your brother—you must put some thought into this gift as they will treasure it forever. If you’re absolutely unsure of what to get them, it will help to stick with their wedding wish list, or at least draw inspiration from it. With that in mind, here, our giftsperts have gathered the best registry items that we think newly-wed couples will be thrilled & delighted to receive on their special day. From custom maps of the world to kitchen must-haves, you’ll be sure to find stuff here they’ll love and use regularly – isn’t that what we want? From traditional wedding/anniversary presents to unique gifts that you may not have seen earlier/thought about gifting, each of these hand-picked items will help surefire please any couple. Also, if you’re already married and celebrating your wedding anniversary, gifts/ and gift ideas here will help to please your life-partner on your special day! Here’s a bonus: if you’re newly engaged and all set to create your own personalized wedding registry, this list will give you inspiration and an idea for what you should add to your wedding wish list. Congratulations and happy shopping! 🙂

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