Enjoy everything you watch in ANY scale in vivid and vibrant colors in HD 1080p quality. With Dolby Digital Plus, speakers are optimized to deliver 360° of immersive cinema audio. Forget TV, welcome next gen Projector!


Now enjoy the Cinema Theatre level picture quality at home! Anker Nebula Cosmos House Projector breathes new life into your old videos, DVDs, and even to live TV broadcasts – thanks to Hybrid Log-Gamma. This device automatically detects when you’re watching non-HDR content, and it upscales it in real-time to give you the theater experience. Also, Cosmos’s radiant 1080p, 900-ANSI-lumen image features HDR10 so you can watch favorite sports events, games, movies, and more as if you were there in person! You can connect to Anker Nebula Cosmos House Projector via USB-A and HDMI devices, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or even mirror cast from your mobile phone or personal laptop. You can also adjust the size of the image/video that you are watching without getting up from your spot. You can do so by simply using the remote to find the size that suits you. The icing on the cake is that Cosmos’s speakers deliver 360° of true audio courtesy of Dolby Digital Plus. Now you can hear every moment as if you were in the cinema itself. Still not sure if projectors are right for you – debating home theater projector vs. tv? Maybe this can help.

Home Theater Projector vs TV

Advantages of using a home projector:

  1. Customizable Screen Size – adjust to fit home/background of any size
  2. Huge Images and improved picture quality – When your projector is paired with certain screens, you can achieve a complete 180-degree viewing angle. No, you won’t lose the picture quality because of the impressive resolution it offers when paired with an HD screen.
  3. Comfort to the eyes
  4. Compact Size – Helps manage your space by taking up very little room
  5. Portability – who needs to go to the movies? You can take it with you to work, school, or your friends’ house for a movie night! You can also take it outdoors with you when you’re traveling!
  6. Price/Value – Even when comparing high-end projectors with high-end TVs, the former offers greater value for money than the latter, including some of the above-listed benefits they offer over the TVs.

Advantages of TVs:

  1. Maintenance- For the most part, TVs made in the present day are maintenance-free—the LEDs that power the TVs have a long lifespan that you don’t have to worry about replacing the backlights.
  2. Brightness – TVs easily put out high brightness, especially the modern ones
  3. Sound Quality – Unlike the projector discussed in this article, many projectors don’t always come with built-in speakers, and you’ll end up having to invest in external speakers.


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