This miniature version of ATM will be your kid’s very own treasure chest! This money bank can store money, coins, jewelry, small toys and baseball cards.


In this generation, it only makes sense to gift your kid with an electronic atm piggy bank machine with a password that he knows and has looked at a miniature version of ATM! This electronic atm piggy bank machine with a password can store money, coins, jewelry, small toys, and baseball cards and is a perfect gift for kids! Put the cash on the scroll, and it can be rolled into the machine automatically. 

ATM savings bank toy instructions:

The default password it comes with is 0000, and you can change it to a different 4 digit password. If you forget the password, remove the batteries and restart; the password resets automatically to 0000.

ATM savings bank toy instructions on how to reset the given password:

  1. Enter the given current password to open the door to ATM
  2. Hold the “*” button until both green and red lights flash.
  3. Enter a new password in the ATM machine within 15 seconds and then press “#” to confirm it. Save the new password, and the light indicator will stop flashing.
  4. Release the “*” button you were holding on to, then close the door
  5. If you don’t enter the new password within the given 15 seconds, then the procedure will stop. You will then need to restart the steps.

Tips before you start using the machine:

  1. Please make sure your 3AA batteries have enough power
  2. Please ensure that every time you press the digital button, you hear a sound that goes – ”du” or ”password please”. Otherwise, you cannot open the door and need to press that button again.

This piggy bank atm machine makes a fantastic gift for your kid, nephew/niece! Get this for them this Christmas, Birthday, or Thanksgiving!


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