August Smart Lock automatically locks & unlocks your door using your phone, helps send virtual keys to guests, controls who has access & when, & view a log of who entered your home


With this smart machine, your smartphone is now a smart key to your smart home and more. You can lock and unlock your door, create virtual keys for your guests, and keep a close track of who comes and goes, all from the convenience of the August Smart Lock app on your smartphone. This gadget fits the back of the door on the inside and auto-locks behind you when you leave from home. It automatically unlocks as you approach. To be more precise, with August’s App you can now enjoy Hands-Free access with Auto-Lock/Unlock: You need not reach for your smartphone or home keys as the new version of the app will automatically lock/unlock your door as you approach your home. This device requires 4 AA batteries that come included with the kit. Per the August team, the batteries should last about three to six months. Before your August smart lock dies on you, it will flash low-battery warnings for multiple weeks. However, if your device dies before you end up replacing your batteries, your deadbolt key will still work fine to enter/exit your house. For the safety of the homeowner, it provides a 24/7 activity log that tracks who enters and exits your home. With a unique key feature for every user, you’ll always know who opens your door and when. Learn about August Smart Lock installation, app, its review, and battery life.

August Smart Lock Installation:

This Installation guide walks you through these easy-to-follow instructions with video and graphic images.

August Smart Lock Review

Some of the pros of using August’s Smart Machine:

  • This smart door locks pairs with Alexa, HomeKit, Google, and Nest
  • It allows for automatic unlock and lock that works perfectly with Android and iPhone
  • It is very easy to set up and install
  • It looks elegant with its streamlined design
  • Keypad accessory works great



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