With Baby Shusher you can lull your baby to sleep with a calming shush that uses a real human voice — freeing up your precious time. The perfect gift for your next baby shower and any first-time parent!


Being a new parent is difficult as-is without your crying baby, not getting you enough sleep! What if there was a sound machine that could put your crying baby to rest? Baby Shusher the sleep miracle machine for babies uses a real human voice to lull your newborn to sleep with a calming sound — freeing up your precious time. 15 to 30minute timers that your device offers assure long shushing sessions that can get even the most resistant sleepers to sleep. Its adjustable volume control helps your tiny human to fall asleep without keeping everyone else awake (further details are included in baby shusher settings below)!

Baby Shusher Sleep Miracle Soother:

This makes for a perfect gift for your next baby shower and for any first-time parent! Safely stop your newborn from crying with Baby Shusher the sleep miracle! This life-saving revolutionary tool for new-parents uses a doctor-tested and approved -sound/rhythmic shushing technique that helps soothe your crying baby. Get that much-needed sleep, for yourself and your little one, with this miracle device!

How does this device calm the baby?

By engaging with your baby's natural calming reflex, this device stops the crying through a popular parenting technique made popular by Dr. Harvey Karp. The Baby Shusher Sound presents some loud, rhythmic shushing noises that help your newborn go back to sleep. The Baby Shusher's noise reminds your little human of being inside his mom's womb, where he was inundated day and night with loud sounds of the blood flow and other noises that mimic the sound of a really loud vacuum cleaner. What may sound harsh to us at first is, in fact, very calming to your baby.

Baby Shusher Settings

Baby Shusher Settings/instructions are straightforward to follow: You need to turn the top orange part of the machine to the right to turn it on and select your timer, the first option is 15 minutes, and the second is 30. You need to rotate the machine's bottom to adjust its volume.

Yes- you can carry it around:

It’s small, easy to clean, and compact, and so it can be used in the car, when grocery shopping, and when visiting friends and family.


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