Babycakes cake pop maker makes baking for parties more fun and easy! Use the recipes for Babycakes cake pop maker and make round and perfect pops.


Have a persuasive kid at home who loves cake pops and also loves to bake for her friends at school? Then this Babycakes Cake Pop Maker mini appliance will be a worthwhile addition to your already cluttered kitchen. Learn how to use and make quick, delicious, and easy recipes for your kids and family using Babycakes cake pop maker!

Easy Recipes for Babycakes Cake Pop Maker

This is the instruction manual/recipe book that comes with the machine – save this link if you prefer to have a pdf version saved in your mobile –

How to use babycakes cake pop maker?

Making perfectly round and thick cake pops couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is to start by simply spraying the cake pop maker with oil, pour in the batter, close the device’s lid, then bake the content for a few minutes, and voila: you get perfectly round cake balls. It is easy to pop them out and wipe them clean. This cake pop making kit comes with everything you need to make them, including a fork to get the cake pops out, some paper sticks, and a cake stand for parking the freshly made cake pops.

The one important thing to note if you plan to buy this cake pop maker would be to please follow the recipes given in the book as the end product tastes divine. Some users of this machine have mentioned that using a boxed cake mix will produce more flat pop cakes that are nowhere as good as the outcome should be. The product comes with a free recipe book that includes some of the crowd favorites including vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, cherry, maraschino, almond, apple cider, lemon, and gingerbread. That’s just the cake – the cherry on top is when you candy-coat & frost them.

Also, some pointers to note when you use the cake pop maker:

  • The appliance gets hot- so be careful!
  • Try using a squeeze bottle to squeeze the cake batter into the holes of the machine.
  • It is fast and easier to fill the machine so the pops start to bake close to the same time.
  • Fill in the holes up to close to the top of the hole the batter will rise into the shape of a ball when the process of baking is complete.
  • Make doubly sure the cake pop latch is closed and sealed when you set the top of the lid down. Halfway into the baking, use the two-prong fork (that is included in the package) along with another spoon or knife to flip each of these cake pop balls over. This is in order for the cake pops to brown out evenly.



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