Bacon Lover’s Feast Gift Basket is a foolproof gift idea for the meat lover in your life. Don’t forget to grab a package for you & for your family too! 


Make your favorite carnivore’s mouth drip with saliva with this bacon lovers’ feast gift basket. This bountiful basket comes gift packed with these three things: 1lb of cracked pepper & garlic bacon, 1lb of chipotle bacon, and 1lb of applewood smoked maple sugar bacon. This premium gift basket has bacon made of higher quality meat with only free-range pigs that are fed an organic grain diet. Additionally, it is made without nitrates, additives, and other unhealthy products that you may find in grocery store bacon. Enjoy this perfect mix of crunchy, salty, and meaty large strips of bacon in one yummy bite with Breakfast Eggs over a lazy Saturday morning! Or simply pair them with pancakes & coffee, even better consider it on a classic turkey sandwich, or the crowning glory around your favorite grilled filet mignon or scallops. This gift basket comes with cooking ideas and storing guidelines. The Pig of the Month BBQ store sells other flavors too through their website – but they serve their favorite and popular mix of sweet and savory bacon combo package through Amazon. This all-natural, gluten-free and no Nitrites bacon pack makes for a great gift idea for your bacon-loving husband, relative, dad, or friend during their special day/ as a Holiday Present!



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