Walter Wheat is a retired Home Ec teacher and one of the greatest bakers in criminal history. Diagnosed with a terminal illness, he discovered a unique ability to produce restaurant-quality cupcakes for the black market. He is almost certainly dead.


What happens when a writer loves a TV show and baking equally much?… You get a cleverly crafted book title <Ze baking bad cookbook>! In this case also a book full of recipes of colorful, flavorful, and very delicious cakes and bakes. Baking Bad Cookbook is a baking cookbook by Walter Wheat (a retired Home Ec teacher) that contains very real and edible recipes created in homage to the TV series that he missed very dearly.
From the yummy “Ricin Krispie Squares” to Walt’s very own signature “Buried Barrel Dessert,” each of the recipes included within is 98% pure and 100% yummilicious. Baking Bad Cookbook will make for a perfect gift item for any fan who is a friend or a friend who is a fan. Just make a self-purchase if you are one of those people who just can’t resist one more of this tasty hit. Gift it to your mom, friend, cousin, or aunt who loves to try and experiment with new and creative recipes. After all, who could turn down a delicious “Box-Cutter Donuts”, “Tighty Whitey Bites,” or the fan-favorite “Heisen(Batten) Burg Cake”. A cookbook that’s designed and fully illustrated with color photos – each of its pages is loaded with visual & textual references from the TV series that fans will love! It is easy to follow for noobs and in the end, everyone will be able to bake treats worth tasting! 

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