Feel like a writer/professional with this vintage Bluetooth typewriter keyboard that comes with new wired USB mode & multi-device wireless connectivity!


The Qwerkywriter Signature all-metal wireless Bluetooth typewriter keyboard can be connected to multiple wireless devices at the same time. You can have a tablet, a mobile phone, and a laptop connected wirelessly to the Qwerkywriter. Are you a professional/a writer? The Qwerkywriter gaming typewriter can give you a look, the feel, and the competency to perform at the highest levels without dropping letters or strokes. The keyboard’s price is due to its aesthetic design and construction entirely made out of a new scratch-resistant aluminum alloy that gives an incredible feel of quality and durability. It works with macOS, WIN10, iOS, Surface, Chrome OS/ Pixelbook, and Android devices either in Wired USB or Bluetooth Wireless mode. Qwerkywriter S Bluetooth wireless typewriter keyboard comes with a built-in tablet stand that accommodates 10.5-inch tablet screens comfortably. The Qwerkywriter also features dual function scroll knobs that control page and volume scroll. Importantly, it comes with a longer-lasting battery that performs 3.5 times better than its previous generations. However, in case the batteries go bad, they can be replaced with rechargeable lithium batteries. In case you were wondering, they also have a Spanish layout. The Qwerkywriter S feels great to type on and is a well-built device. Especially if this device’s user favors aesthetics, this can make a fantastic and unique gift item. Get this gift for your techie nerd boyfriend for his birthday, or gift it to your writer girlfriend this anniversary. It never fails to impress! 

Can this keyboard be used for gaming?

Yes. If you originally and normally use a Qwerky keyboard for gaming, this can be used as a gaming typewriter keyboard. Also, it supports simultaneous keypresses such as CTRL+SHIFT+A. Additionally, you can program this device return lever to any combination of keys.

How do I connect my Qwerkywriter?

Before getting started, please ensure that you charge the keyboard for at least 3 hours. Here's the new user setup guide to help with first-time Bluetooth pairing: https://www.qwerkywriter.com/pages/new-user-setup-getting-started


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