Enjoy your favorite alcohol without fear of getting hangovers & headaches by using Boozi (the elixir fixer)- the alcohol & wine purifier device. Haffun Boozi’n!


How many times have you had the best time of your life with Alcohol and the worst day EVER after the fact? ALWAYS? Well, BooZi Wine Purifier is here with a solution that will let you enjoy your youth the way you want to.

What’s Boozi?

BooZi is a device that extracts out the impurities in your alcohol and wine without changing the specific gravity of your alcohol.

How does that help?

It’s those impurities that are toxic to your body and are the reason why people get horrific and severe hangover symptoms. Some of these impurities are either carcinogenic (cancer-causing) upon consumption or become one when metabolized. A lesser-known fact is that many people have an intolerance to sulfites which are very commonly found in American wines and thus they end up getting migraines, suffer indigestion, and other symptoms.

Overall, benefits of BooZi Wine Purifier
  • Alcohol Purification. It works naturally – no chemicals or additives are added
  • Removes the nasty Sulfites from your Wine and various impurities in the alcohol you wish to consume
  • The resulting drink tastes smoother and less bitter
  • MEGA BONUS – No More Hangovers!!!
  • Finally, it is easy to use & is reusable

How To Use BooZi?

Rinse the BooZi Wine Purifier in warm water to activate it and drop it in your spirit or wine. It can be re-used in 4 large half-gallon bottles of hard liquor and in up to 12 bottles of wine.

FYI – Treating hard alcohol takes about 48 hours and treating wine takes 4-6 hours. To cut this time in half, insert another BooZi!

Gift this to your Boozaholic buddy. Also, since it largely benefits all, it will make a great holiday present for a friend, boyfriend, husband, dad, uncle, mom, wife, and pretty much anyone you know who is over 21 years of age and loves alcohol.

Drink responsibly! 🙂



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