JIMU Robot is the award-winning interactive robotic building block system for ages 8 & up. Learn to use Blockly coding to program your robot to navigate obstacles, pick-up objects, control light and sound effects, add personality and more.


Introducing buildable, codable Robots from UBTECH Robotics! This educational robot for kids/teens allows you to build three different robots or invent your own. The kit contains all the parts needed to build three different robots: Rover, AstroBot, or Astron, or invent your own galactic JIMU Robot creation. To start having fun with this kit, download the JIMU App to your mobile device that has step-by-step, building instructions in 3D. The fun is further extended with the Blockly coding platform, which allows kids to build and code the robots to perform numerous actions and tricks. This makes an ideal gift item to your kid, your friends’ children, or your nephew/niece who show early aptitude and interest in STEM toys and coding in general. It builds a foundational understanding of robotics all while having fun with family or other kids at playtime. All set to code but wondering how to make this robot at home?

How to Build/Make Robot At Home?

This robot building kit comes with

  1. 384 snap-together parts
  2. 1 main control box
  3. 1 infrared sensor
  4. 1 Bluetooth speaker
  5. 2 LED lights
  6. 5 smooth motion robotic servo motors
  7. Compatible iOS or Android device required

Don’t fret, to start the fun with these pieces, download the JIMU app to your mobile phone and it has step by step, 3D, 360° animated building instructions. Makes it super easy to follow along.

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