Piece the panels together into any desired shape using Nanoleaf’s Canvas Starter Kit. Watch the lights dance to any music, enjoy it’s screen mirror feature, and touch the light squares with your palm and watch the Scene react dynamically. 


Add your touch of creativity and modify any room on command to your taste by installing these amazing Nanoleaf color-changing light panels. Each square panel of Nanoleaf tile measures about 5 3/4″ x 5 3/4″ x 1/4″. It’s designed to add a dash of playful ambient light to any room; and yes, it reacts to your touch. There are some more features to Nanoleaf Canvas – It senses audio and transforms it into color & light for a stunning real-time audiovisual display. Also, watch as your on-screen activity is reflected right onto your Nanoleaf Canvas using its screen-mirror feature. Additionally, touch the light squares with your palm and watch the scene react dynamically. The cool part is that you can easily mount the Canvas tiles onto any flat surface without drilling but simply using the included Mounting Tape. There are innumerable ways to design the 9 panel Nanoleaf- we can give you some ideas! And of course, we can help you with a guide on how to setup Nanoleaf.

Nanoleaf Canvas FAQs:

Nanoleaf 9 panel designs

The fun part of Nanoleaf is that you can start with the 9 panels and then get expansion packs to build the design you like. You can add panels and have up to 500 square tiles in one controller system, and you'll need only one power supply for every 25 squares in the system. Separate power supplies are available on the Nanoleaf website. Need design inspiration? These resources can help:


How to setup nanoleaf?

Here's everything you need to help you get started with setting up your product:


Can the squares and triangles be paired together? Are different sets compatible?

The squares and triangles are operated using the same app, and with HomeKit, you can automate and sync them to display similar light patterns. But physically connecting an Aurora tile to a Canvas tile and vice versa cannot be done. They use different connectors

Enjoy gifting this system to your designer wife who will be able to appreciate the many nanoleaf 9 panel designs in your living room!


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