Get yourself or gift the best Custom/Personalized Bobblehead figurine with the body of your favorite action figure or that of any famous celebrity! 


Bobbleheads have been and are very popular in this day and age and still, its fan base is only growing. It is not uncommon to find bobbleheads made of famous and not so adored celebrities and personalities. The sports star bobbleheads are widely popular- soccer, baseball, hockey, and basketball are among the top ones reaping rewards. But over time famous superheroes and legends of the Marvel and DC universe and your favorite action characters have taken the spotlight in this toy-making industry. And now, you can create and gift cheap and best personalized/custom bobbleheads of your favorite person on a personalized action figure’s body (or just get creative!) or even create a bobblehead with your face on the figurine. Fun, no? This makes a thoughtful and fun birthday/ Valentine’s day gift for your special someone and also a great wedding/anniversary gift for your couple friends! Oh and not to forget personalized action figure bobbleheads are the perfect gift items for having some fun or decorating your home/office desk or even your car. It is a surefire way to bring a smile to their face.

Handmade bobblehead brand is infamous for their craftsmanship and they make sure to have you approve their work on the figurine before they finalize and have them ship the item to you. They sell one piece per order, but if you wish to make one for a couple and have the two dolls together, you need to place an order with two custom bobblehead figurines.

Cheap and Best Custom Bobbleheads:

If you’re still on the lookout for a master craftsman who can make figurines closer to the original using different themes, don’t worry, there are many options for your to pick from. 

  1. Fully Custom Doctor Figurine –
  2. Fully Custom Occupational Figurine –
  3. 7″ Custom Figurine based on your photos –
  4. Fully Custom Boyfriend Figurine –
  5. Fully Custom Lovers Bobblehead Personalized Couple Figurine –



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