Get this soft and comfy double sided Burrito Throw Blanket as a Novelty Gift for your loved one. They will wrap themselves into a Burrito all year long!


The perfect teen gift! The giant double-sided Burrito Tortilla blanket 2.0 will not only make you laugh or stare in amusement but is designed to keep you warm and cozy all year long. The imprint of the tortilla texture makes it look very realistic. Tortilla lovers will own it as they mean it! This novelty gift comes in a gift bag that is big enough to store and carry a burritos blanket. This incredibly soft & warm fleece is designed to keep you and your beloved nap/sleep partner cozy on a crisp night as you wrap yourselves up by the fireplace to watch fun TV, or take it along with you to spread it out on the ground on your picnic! This stylish and innovative Mexican burritos tortilla taco blanket is a perfect gift for a boyfriend, girlfriend, or couples. It also makes for an amazing novelty gift item for someone who enjoys lighthearted humor. He/she can be a giant tortilla/burrito by simply laying down inside it and rolling themself up. Naptime has never looked so delicious and appetizing. Curling up inside this yummy looking food blanket and indulging in a large burrito from your favorite shop are two of life’s enjoyable pleasures. It is now possible to combine these two into one fantastic experience thanks to this tasty-looking throw blanket that’s been going viral. And. Oh! Please read up on how to wash a burrito blanket and maintain this incredible item.

How to wash Burrito blanket?

Please wash this taco food blanket before you use it or it sheds. Machine wash it in gentle cycle with cold water, tumble dry on low when needed. The fabric never fades and shrinks. It stays the same after every wash.

If looking for Novelty Gifts/fun gifts, this could be another interesting gift for your teen kid!


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