Crazy party night game to enjoy with a close-knit group of friends that you know incriminating details about! Play in a safe environment (maybe with drinks! ;))


Drunk Stoned or Stupid party game is another crazy party/card game you play with your group of friends, preferably when you’re drunk! It includes about 250 cards to guess/decide who in your group is most likely to do whatever is written on the card… This popular party game has sold over 1 million copies!

Drunk Stoned or Stupid Rules 

Step 1: Gather 3 or more of your close friends. Preferably those who you have dirty/incriminating stories about. You can include new friends too.

Step 2: Pick, choose, and decide who in your group must be tagged with the card & why.

Step 3: The judge (one person in the group you make a judge) takes the final call on who gets tagged. The first person to get 7 cards loses. And the fun/twisted part in the game is that there are no winners – only losers.

If you enjoy the drunk stoned or stupid card game rules, you’re more than likely to get the party started with the original game. If you’ve exhausted playing the original deck, use the expansion packs to find new cards that are more relevant than ever to roast your friends.

Drunk Stoned Or Stupid Cards

Here are the examples of some of Drunk Stoned or Stupid cards: 

#243: Always tells the same damn story

#27: Have 20-minute conversation with Siri

#99: Discovers the meaning of life on a daily basis

#1: Wake up with half a burrito in bed

Gift set to people you love or would like to stir up some crazy drama with. It makes for a great gift to best friends, party animal friends on their birthday, to couples you hang out with regularly. The regulars and not so regulars in your life!



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