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This anti-aging Elizabeth Arden advanced ceramide capsules daily youth-restoring serum with an enhanced complex of ceramides helps reinforce the skin’s moisture barrier’s integrity. It minimizes the signs of aging (the appearance of wrinkles and lines) by supporting the skin’s natural collagen to develop a firmer look. With age, you lose the skin’s ceramides. Elizabeth Arden capsules help replenish these vital ceramides while supporting your skin’s natural lipid levels for a younger look. See answers to the following below: Elizabeth Arden history, who owns Elizabeth Arden, does Elizabeth Arden test on animals?

What Do The Capsules Contain?

They contain Alfalfa extract + lipids from coconut oil + a retinol derivative. These promote skin's natural repair process and replenish naturally-occurring lipids, thereby diminishing skin's aging signs and promotes smoother, firmer, and healthier-looking skin. This serum is Preservative-free, biodegradable, and formulated with Vitamin E infusion. Now that this is clear, I bet it would also help to know the answer to the question - how do you use Elizabeth Arden advanced ceramide capsules?

How do you use Elizabeth Arden advanced ceramide capsules?

Gently twist the spout of the tab and squeeze advanced ceramide serum onto your fingertips. Smoothly apply it over your face and neck twice a day - in the morning and night before applying your moisturizer.

Elizabeth Arden history & Who owns Elizabeth Ardon?

Who is Elizabeth Arden? - Florence Nightingale Graham went by the name Elizabeth Arden. She was a Canadian-American businesswoman who founded Elizabeth Arden, Inc. Her famous mantra was - To be beautiful is the birthright of every woman. In line with her belief, she made sure her products benefited and not masked the skin. At the peak of her career, Per Wiki was known to be one of the world's wealthiest women. Rest is the Elizabeth Harmon History. 😉 Today, she empowers women to make their mark in the world. Oh, and yes, Elizabeth Ardon got acquired by Revlon in 2016.

Does Elizabeth Arden Test on Animals?

Their website's FAQ section states that they DO NOT conduct tests on animals except for the rare instances required by law.

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