Enjoy exercising by self or with a group with these fun six-sided fitness dice with workouts on one and rep counts printed on the other!


Workouts can be fun too! This fun dice game can be an ideal gift for personal fitness and also motivate group fitness sessions. This six-sided fitness dice with workouts on one dice and rep counts printed on the other is a great way to keep all the workouts fresh and exciting. One of these dices includes jumping jacks, squats, crunches, lunges, push-ups, and a wildcard exercise of your choosing. The other dice has rep counts with time options: 30, 60, 90 seconds, and count -10, 20, 30 reps. It is designed for you to perform the exercise & repetitions that appear on the rolled dice. Spri exercise dice are bigger than expected but not too big that you can’t travel with them. They are great for those days that you don’t have a workout plan but want to get moving. They come in a mesh bag convenient for carrying & storing.


– The workouts listed in them are basic enough to do without any equipment but solid enough to keep you active

– Having a second die with reps & time adds variability to workouts

– They’re made of quality material with a solid print on all sides (prints are not faded or missing, or marked)


– Default workouts may be a bit too easy for the more advanced users — In this case, an option would be to use a masking tape and manually write down your own favorite workouts on top of it.

These fitness dice are recommended to be used in a group setting, having people take turns to roll the dice. It’s a great gift to anyone in your friends/family circle that needs fun and entertaining ways to engage in workouts (because otherwise, they won’t!). Gift spri exercise dice to your BFF, boyfriend, girlfriend, mom, dad, sister, or any other fitness geeks you know who needs to have one of these!


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