Chess is no longer just a battle, now it’s war! The rules are the same, but the game is dangerously different. Players are able to use new military strategies never seen before.


Chess just got even more fun – it’s worth taking your mind out for a spin with this multi-player warfare! With essentially the same baseline rules, players of four-player/multiplayer chess are now able to use new military strategies never seen before. The gameplay starts out a little slow at first as you get your pieces out in the field. And then it becomes a Game of Thrones free-for-all with alliances being quickly formed and then maybe some backstabbing later on. Sounds fun, no? Prepared to play the game by learning 4/multiplayer player chess rules and strategy. Also, ever wondered how many chess games are possible? This game makes for a great gift for your kids showing an early interest in strategy games, and also for your geeky friends and relatives.

4 player chess rules:

Learn how to play this game by brushing up on these rules. In this game, the players are referred to as Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green. Red is the first player and starts the game; he always makes the first move and following him next would be blue. Red and Yellow players form a team and Blue and Green players form another. The below link walks you through other team rules and how points are scored to win the game.

4 player chess strategy:

There are many strategies to win a four-player chess game. As this multiplayer game is a bit more complicated than the traditional ones, it always helps to have some resources in handy so you can be prepared to play and beat your opponent at this battle of genius. This forum has players discussing possible moves and strategies that can help beat the opponent team.

How many chess games are possible?

An American mathematician named Claude Shannon came up with Shannon Number and estimated that after each of the chess game players has moved a piece five times each (10 ply/turn) there are a possible 69,352,859,712,417 number of games that could have been played.


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