All it takes is a gentle toss to get Scoot flying – no remote control needed. This indoor mini drone changes directions based on the movement of your hand on the side or under the drone.


Force1 Scoot hand operated drone is a cool innovation where kids can now control and operate drones with only their hand gestures. This self-flying hands free drone is designed to feature infrared sensors to avoid obstacles; each of the small hand controlled drones is designed with a kid-friendly webbed shell to protect kids’ hands and walls. You can launch this force1 scoot indoor hands free drone with a gentle toss into the air – no remote control is needed. Its flashing LED lights shine as you navigate these mini drones for kids in any room.

Indoor Drone Charging Instructions:

  1. First, plug in the USB charging cable that’s included here-in into your available DC power source. It is recommended by the manufacturer that you only charge your hand free drone using the USB port of your Computer/Laptop or using a Power Bank with a Current input of 0.5-2.0A
  2. Plugin the Round Pin of your charging cable into the Scoot. Its charging socket is located on the bottom of your drone, on the opposite side of the ON/OFF power switch.
  3. Do NOT charge the toy for more than 50 minutes – exceeding this charging time may damage the drone
  4. Please allow your perfect toy to rest for about 10 minutes between flights

These UFO drone toys are the best beginner drones for kids. They measure about 4.75” D  (they’re mini drones!) and it includes a USB recharging cable. It flies for about 8 minutes with every 50 minutes of charge.

Why buy them? Well, they are fun and easy-to-fly for kids in the age group 8yrs and up. Whether you’re flying at a friend’s house or at the comfort of your home, this portable drone is a delight to fly with your friends, siblings, and with the neighbor kids! The Vibrant LEDs present in them make flying your Scoot extra fun in the dark!

Gift force1 scoot hand-controlled drone this holiday season to your kids, niece/nephew. Makes for a great birthday gift, and a gift item for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter. 


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