Spice up your next fiesta with these reusable Himalayan salt shot glasses hand-carved from Himalayan salt. They’re a surefire way to liven up your next party!


Don’t be fooled by their pink color- these (straight) Himalayan salt shooters can hold their tequila. 😉 Crafted from Himalayan salt, these festive glasses give your favorite tequila shot or mezcal a very delicious, salty finish. Bonus: these amazing shot glasses naturally resist bacteria’s growth for a safe and sanitary drink every single time! So this weekend, get prepared for going multiple rounds (and fiestas). 😉 Gift this (set of four) Himalayan Salt Tequila shot glasses to your favorite party host or to a close friend who always brings the fun in fiestas. 

How Do You Make Salt Shot Glasses (you ask?)

These 4-piece Himalayan salt shooters are made from genuine Himalayan rock salt that adds flavor to your tequila. Each glass is carved from a whole salt block for its exquisite shade of translucent rose quartz-like crystals giving it the pink color. This set is FDA approved (so it's safe), and it naturally resists bacterial growth. Each of these salt shot glasses is approximately 3 inches tall and can hold about 1.5 ounces of tequila.

How to clean Himalayan salt shot glasses?

To clean this glass - simply wipe the inside of the glass clean and store it in a cool and dry place. Do not put it in the dishwasher, please!

How long do Himalayan salt shot glasses last?

Apparently, the lifespan of the shot glasses depends on the number of shots taken in them. Some people say it can sustain about 100 shots, while others believe it to last per the Himalayan glasses' occasional usage. For instance, if someone drinks, say about 2 to 4 shots a month, it can last six months. To make it last longer, try these simple, quick steps promptly - biting the lime -> licking the salt -> sipping the tequila -> flipping these shots. PS: Room temperature also plays a key role in increasing its life. Their placement in a cool and dry place is mandatory for improving the lifespan of these glasses.

Gift these amazing tequila accessories to your favorite friend with the guide on how to clean himalayan salt shot glasses, so you can enjoy your fun times together!



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