These instant underpants can be your day saver or the best gag gift ever. All it needs is some water and a few minutes to re-hydrate.


Instant Underpants are the one size fits all solution for a crazy and creative novelty gift or a gag gift. Just add water, and they rehydrate to sexy and functional granny panties that definitely give a nice boost for your caboose! If you’re wondering about the size- they’re one size fits all. If you’re looking to have a hearty laugh out of gifting, instant underpants are your choice. These Instant Underpants come packaged in a single tin. If you have more than one friend who needs this special type of insurance, do consider buying multiple units of these. If you are one of those extra cautious people who would like to have spare undies for just-in-case scenarios, these are still your best bet! These cottony mint patties can be as much a life-savior as they can be novelty gifts that would make the crowd and the receiver get a good laugh! This instant underwear can be gifted at a Christmas party, birthday, or holiday party. They can be great gifts for your best friend, brother, husband, dad, boyfriend, or anyone close to you with a good sense of humor or someone who would truly appreciate the comic and utility value in this novelty gift piece. Make sure you gift yourself one of these granny panties, just-in-case!

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