Journal 29 interactive book game is an enjoyable game for puzzle lovers. Journal 29 revelation hints are included in this page for reference.


All set for a crazy fun game night and wish to engage your mind in interactive puzzle-solving? Then, journal 29 interactive book game (with journal 29 revelation hints) is your go-to game! Journal 29 revelation is a unique book game where you can solve smart riddles and puzzles, submit your answers online to get the keys to move forward.

To solve the riddles in this gamebook, you’ve got to think out of the box.

Journal 29 interactive book game is a 148-page book, and it includes 63 riddles (hell yeah!) that you can solve. 

What’s allowed?

You can draw, write, search, fold pages, combine all of these methods, and try to get the riddles right. 

Journal 29 revelation hints & tips:

Pssst. If you feel the need to look at some clues to move forward, here are the journal 29 revelation hints by page. 

The Story of the Game:

A top-secret excavation did not bring any results for 28 weeks.

It was only on the 29th week that something happened. The team disappeared, and sadly the only thing left behind was their Journal.

You need to solve the riddles to solve the mystery!

How to Play:

To play this super engaging game, you will need:

  1. A copy of Journal 29 revelation
  2. A pencil/pen
  3. A Smartphone

Every two pages of this game have a riddle page and a key page.


  1. You solve the riddle on the riddle page. Then visit the URL link from the key page (using the URL address or with QR code available on the page).
  2. If you think you got the answer, submit it. When you answer correctly, you receive a key that’s typically a word or a number.
  3. Write down that key since these keys are needed for solving the subsequent riddles. (fun, right?!)

You won’t need to download any special apps to play the game. Just a browser on your smartphone will do.

Gift this to your friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, your teenage kid, your geeky buddy, or a relative who are puzzle-solving nuts!



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