Get a brighter smile without incorporating foreign chemicals into your body by using these natural teeth whitening sticks. Simply  trim 1/2 inch of the bark on the top of the miswak and begin to gently nibble on it with your front teeth until it forms bristles. Then gently brush in an up and down motion on your teeth without using toothpaste/water.


Feel comfortable to laugh heartily & talk with confidence without the worry of stained teeth or bad breath. Miswak’s popular toothbrush for whiter teeth and fresher breath works wonders while being chemical free. These natural teeth whitening sticks are taken from the Arak tree, grown in healthy soil, free from chemicals & pesticide, which is why it makes for a good alternative to the best teeth whitening pen. This kit includes two Sticks & two cases, making it easy to carry them around. Each stick will last you 3 weeks of everyday use.

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