Enjoy and have fun learning the Orbitwheel’s challenging Wave Propulsion Technique. They’re compact & easy To Carry, and are designed for ease of use on a variety of surfaces.


Are you a major skateboard/inline skates lover or wish to purchase one of the best boardless skateboard/sidewinding circular skates this year for your boys on their special day? Most people who are on the lookout for the best boardless skateboards for themselves do so because they are looking for a challenging change or are tired of using their old skateboards while some of them are just new technology sports lovers. For those of you who are looking at this particular product for the first time – a Boardless Skateboard is a radical and brand new concept in self-propelled transportation! It operates by simply placing your feet inside the rolling units and skate with a natural “wave” motion. One of the bonus aspects here is that there are no batteries or motors to charge in this machine. Their large radius wheels rotate sideways around feet for a stable and super smooth ride over street pavements or over short grass. It’s like a cross between a skateboard and inline skates, but there’s never any need to push off the ground. Board of the good old fashioned boys inline skates/boardless skateboard and prefer something light to carry and fun to use?

How do you use an Orbitwheel?

Orbitwheel Boardless Skateboard works like skates but it has only one wheel on each foot. You can ride them sideways like a skateboard (sidewinding circular skates) but their motion is like an S wave. Orbitwheel’s design allows you to move freely through semi-rugged terrains and easily perform cool spinning tricks like a 360° or 720°. Riders simply need to place their feet on the two platforms of the skates and will need to lean side-to-side in order to rotate the rubber wheels around their feet, thereby propelling riders forward in a serpentine-like motion similar to longboard skateboarding. Since the wheels of these sidewinding circular skates for boys are not connected, riders can easily perform 720° spins and turn, while they can be stopped by placing toes on the ground. The wheels are roughly 10″ in diameter, allowing traversal through short grass & dirt surfaces.

This makes for a great gift for kids (boys and girls) who like inline skates& who like to take on some challenge!

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