These outdoor gloves with LED Flashlights help with everything from early morning fishing to working on cars or other tight places where light is needed.


Gloves with LED flashlights that can serve multiple-purposes! These outdoor LED gloves can help with things ranging from early morning fishing to working on/repairs cars late in the night or hiking/running in tight places where light is needed, doing electrical work, etc. These gloves come with two LED lights on index finger and thumb and can easily point to any place you want, and are bright enough for you to perform any tasks. These outdoor gloves for fishing/hiking/running with stretchy strap screwdriver come with a turn on/off button on the back of the glove, this convenient to use switch makes fixing things in the tight area a lot easier when you need your hands free from holding a flashlight. If you plan to wash these gloves after a long day of rough labor using them, it would be best to hand wash them after removing their batteries, then completely dry them before reinstalling them. Get these really cool gloves for men and women in your life who love and enjoy DIY work!

Why are the features of fishing gloves?

These outdoor gloves are water-resistant – as in they are highly suitable for fishing or catching lobster at night.  These fishing gloves come with batteries installed in them and are ready to use. These tiny batteries can be easily replaced by loosening the screw with a screwdriver to open its battery cover. These gloves come in one size and fit all hands. Gloves come from smaller size- fitting even kids’ hands, the fabric stretches to fit adult hands. The best bonus with these finger exposing gloves is that someone who gets off work late in a dark evening or night can use these gloves to easily find keys and open your gate/door, do maintenance, or repair work in the dark.




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