These rose scented 200 soap paper sheets come in easy to carry boxes for travel, camping or hiking. They lather well and keep hands clean and healthy.


A handy carry-on if you travel every so often! These rose scented soap paper sheets are neatly packed in travel-friendly soap case boxes that are small and light. They can be stored/carried around in pockets, wallets, handbags, backpacks, cars, and so on. If you’re wondering how to use them/make the hand soap foam – take out the soap sheet, then use a small amount of water to wet the soap sheet and gently rub your hands to produce foam. Finally, wash your hands with water. 

Most portable Paper Soap Sheets are made using natural coconut oil and pure natural plant extract -plant essential oils as raw materials. They support deep cleansing and decontamination while gently caring for the skin and washing away bacteria. In more recent times, with women traveling a lot on Business, these paper soaps have become an essential part of their travel bag. They’re especially perfect and useful for travel (personal and business), camping, trekking, hiking, BBQ, or while doing any other outdoor activities. Paper soap in the case is handy/small and easy to carry in bags; a small piece of travel paper soap sheets can wash hands thoroughly.

Can hand soap be used as a body wash?

YES- hand soap can be used as a body wash. If you’ve been using hand soap as bath soap and it works for you and you do not have any skin issues… continue to keep using it. If it is not working for you, it’s not because it is hand soap, but because it is not the right soap for your skin type or is just cheaply made. All soaps and detergents are designed to work with the same principles. The balance of ingredients and how they’re made determines whether one is more drying in function or more moisturizing than another. Assuming that one kind of soap (hand or body) or detergent is bad for everybody’s skin is wrong. Unless the product is complete crap, it mainly depends on your skin-type and your frequency of wash. 


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