The fun “would you rather game” that will spark some interesting conversations! With over 300 Poison Cards there are millions of possible card combinations.


Pick Your Poison is a very popular conversation/party game containing cards with unbelievable what would you rather do scenarios/questions. It works up a fun night by sparking some crazy fun conversations and discoveries  – you will find it hard to believe how messed-up some of your friends’ choices are. It is best to have a larger crowd playing this game although it will work with a minimum of three players picking combinations from over 300 cards. Everyone playing the game anonymously “Picks their poison” and after the reveals, you get to find out who was “right” and who made the messed up choice! Gift this to your party animal friend or get this for yourself to host a fun night!

What is would you rather game?

“Would you rather” is a fun large size party game that poses its players usually with difficult dilemma in the form of a “would you rather” question. This tough dilemma can be a choice between two good questions such as “Would you rather win an Olympic Gold Medal or an Oscar?”, two attractive options such as “Would you rather have a Billion Bucks or be immortal?”, or two supposedly bad options such as “Would you rather sleep with your close friend’s wife or your wife’s close friend?” All the players, sometimes including the judge, must then pick their poison. The rule is that you’ve GOT to make a choice and it is not allowed to answer “neither” or “both”. This game sparks all sorts of fun conversations, sometimes leading to long debates!

Any number of players (>three) are invited to play this game – the larger the crowd- the more fun it is. One way to play this is by making it a drinking game, with the one(s) choosing the unpopular option drinks. For example, in the scenario where the question asked is: “Would you rather sleep with your close friend’s wife or your wife’s close friend?”, and more people in the group decide that they would prefer to sleep with their close friend’s wife rather than their wife’s close friend, then everyone picking the latter would have to drink.

How to play pick your poison?


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