This 60″ x 60″ blanket is a comfortable fit 4 adults and gives your children and pets a large area to play! Fold it for a compact 14″ X 9″ lightweight tote.


This outdoor picnic/beach blanket features super soft, sand proof, and waterproof material, so you can stay dry and cozy anywhere. Enjoy the beach, trip to the park, camping, sports event, your yard after the rain, outdoor concerts, and more! Just shake the sand right off and spot clean any spills after each use- you can wipe off any dirt, mud, stains of wet grass, and beach sand when you leave the place – without worrying about the blanket getting all dirty. It’s way better to use this than just carrying along a towel or bed sheet on the wet/dry grass or to the beach. It is quick to dry and will stay cool to the touch, even on hot summer days. You can easily fold it into a small tote, so it can always be on hand. Maintaining it is easy, and it is perfectly sized for four adults or a small family. 

What is the material made of?

This blanket features super soft, waterproof, and sand proof acrylic fleece material so that you can stay cozy and dry anywhere - be it at the beach or anywhere outside at your picnic. After your beach trip or at the park, just shake the sand off the blanket and wipe clean any spills after each use. This blanket is quick to dry and is cool to the touch and use, even in peak summer.

How many people can this blanket accommodate?

This 60 x 60 blanket can comfortably fit four adults and provides a large area for your children and pets to move around and play!

Is the blanket machine washable?

Yes. This picnic blanket is machine washable. You can do a COLD WASH then hang it to dry.

This product will make a fantastic gift for self or for a friend or a relative who is a beach-bum or, in general, is an outdoorsy person.


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