In the pie face game, one player loads the arm with whipped cream spins the spinner, and hopes that someone else gets whipped cream on their face!


This hilarious Russian Roulette Pie Face Game by Hasbro – sold at amazon is filled with fun, suspense, and mess; and more often than not somebody’s bound to get surprised! The way this pie face game by Hasbro is played is that the players load the arm with whipped cream (which is not included) or the included sponge, then they take turns sliding their heads through the mask and start spinning the spinner. But, watch out! The pie face game unit could go off at any time giving someone a face full of whipped cream! I’ve included a bonus fun pie in the face game video you might wanna watch in the end.

Pie face game sold at amazon includes: Includes 1 pie thrower, 2 handles, 1 throwing arm, mask, spinner, chin rest, splash guard sponge, and a game guide.

Baseline Game Rule: Score 25 Points to Win

Get all ready and set to take some risks — then keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best — in this intensely hilarious Pie Face game! Suspense is built from the very beginning – feel it build as the players take turns in the ‘hot seat’ – hoping sincerely to avoid being the one to get hit on the face with whipped cream or a wet sponge (purchase whatever you like!)- in the face! First, load the arm with an item of your choice, then, take turns spinning the spinner – the number of times is indicated on the spinner. Players start to score points every time they turn their handle safely, but every click builds tension – it brings the moment everyone’s waiting for just a little bit closer. The first player who scores 25 points in this game wins! 

Do you have a naughty kid in the family who always gets jumpy when he is gifted hilariously fun competitive games? There are the other kids who are not so interested in the spinner or playing a “game” by the book. They are just interested in twisting the knobs until they get hit in the face, time after time. Either way, this game guarantees messy fun and is a surefire hit among kids of age group 3+. Get this as a Christmas present to your grandson/son/nephew or make their birthday special with Pie Face!

If you’re still not convinced this pie in face game video by kids may help!



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