Bake that perfect store-bought-like-pizza right at home using this pizza stone! Why use a pizza stone? How to use and clean a pizza stone? Smart baking stone recipes are included within.


Pizza stones can make an ordinary homemade pizza taste like a store-bought one from your favorite pizzeria. The Cast Elegance’s stone can deliver you the crispiest crusts with amazing, melting toppings. Cast Elegance Stones are made from Thermarite, using a premium blend of cordierite that magnifies/increases the heat of a home oven without smelling bad and replicates the performance of a pizzeria’s professional brick baking oven right in the comfort of your own kitchen. Pizza stone recipes, why use a pizza stone, and how to use and clean a pizza stone are covered later in this post.

The FDA and the European Union have rigorously tested Cast Elegance stones to be a food-safe product, and these stones satisfy the most demanding chefs. This stone can withstand extremes of heat, and so you can place your store-bought frozen pizza directly on it at 500 degrees. It is certified to be used in any oven (electric, gas), any grill (electric, charcoal, gas, pellet), Big Green Egg, Kamado..etc. 

Pizza Stone Recipes

When you purchase this product, it comes with a bonus Bonus Recipe Ebook that is sent in email. Also, here are some resources to get you off the ground:

Resource 1, Resource 2 

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Why use a Pizza Stone to make Crispy Crust Pizzas?

A baking stone differs from other cooking surfaces because it contains pores, tiny cracks, and crevices that easily allow the evaporating steam to escape, which dries out and crisps the crust. Also, when you preheat it, it gives your dough a strong burst of heat initially, thereby puffing up the crust. A pan/metal can not do that. Bonus: You can roast a whole chicken, roots, and your favorite veggies, bake a bread, giant cookie, and also pre-heat and reheat foods on it!

How to clean a Cast Elegance pizza stone?

To start with, never clean it with soap or using chemicals! Why? If chemicals or soap are used, they soak deep into the stone and create a bad odor when heated. Always dry it well within the oven before using it. Also, never season/grease the stone with oil. Similar to soap/chemicals, the oil soaks in to create a smell when it burns off. When not in use, keep the stone in the oven. Storing it safe and dry actually improves the temperature profile of your oven and helps it perform better.

How to Use a Pizza Stone?

To use your brand new stone for baking pizza, follow these steps: Place your game changer baking stone in a cold oven and preheat it to 500 F. Once your oven is pre-heated, so is your stone. That's when you slide your perfectly made pizza onto the stone. Bake it until topped cheese is lightly browned. Now, remove the pizza and turn off the oven. When pizza stone gets cool, brush it, please don't wash it.



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