Turn your charcoal grill into a wood-fired pizza oven with a KettlePizza Pizza Oven Kit. Use with a skillet to cook meats, fish or vegetables.


For anyone who wants to cook pizza on their grill. After only a few minutes of the initial set-up of Kettlepizza’s Pizza Oven Kit, you can kick-back and enjoy delicious home-cooked Pizza/Pie during your Sunday BBQ. The Kettle Grill heats up to nearly 600 F; using large chunks of hardwood will help maintain the temperature and the pizza cooks very quickly. You’ll never have to settle for a frozen pizza again!

The KettlePizza Pizza Oven Kit is not just for cooking pizza. Using good pizza pans and skillets, you can cook almost any food. If you end up purchasing an extra grill grate, these can be added to the top stand-offs, creating a “double-stack”. This kit will help to make just anything by doubling the cooking surface of your traditional kettle grill.

How KettlePizza Works

Everyone wants to cook pizza traditionally on a grill at home. However, traditional grills are not suited for grilling pizzas. Professional-tasting pizzas need high heat together with constant temperature to cook properly. This is quite difficult to achieve while cooking on a regular/traditional grill because of the massive variation in cooking temperature caused due to constant opening/closing of the grill top. Unfortunately, the common result from this is the well-done bottom & under-cooked toppings.

KettlePizza Pizza Oven Kit solved this very problem through a stainless steel sleeve design that fits between the kettle grill’s bottom and top thereby creating a cooking chamber. They also have designed an opening in the front of the grill that allows access to the cooking chamber. The heat enters from the back of the kettle grill, alongside the rear end of the cooking chamber, and over the top of it – exiting its front opening. This trick creates a constant heat loss that forces a heat trap over the top part of the pizza ensuring a well-cooked top. Hence, a door to this kit is not necessary as the item can maintain temperatures upwards of 750 F with a base of charcoal and hardwood.

Gift Pizza Oven Kit to your dad on father’s day cause he boasts of his grilling skills oh so much! Also, makes a great gift for your husband, grand-dad, and just anybody who loves grilling in the outdoors! 


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