Crystal Company’s Plexiglass Kayak provides a CLEAR view of the waters below from the safety of your transparent canoe. Pack a picnic now!


Get a first-hand look at the treasures of the deep blue sea as you paddle over them on this Crystal kayak with clear bottom. This see through kayak can accommodate up to two passengers and features a uniquely clear/transparent bottom design so you can see what you’re rowing over. This durable yet lightweight transparent kayak offers lots of storage space, so pack a picnic and hit the water!

Crystal Kayak Company prides itself on using Lexan, which is the highest quality of polycarbonate available! The beauty of this material is that not only is it fog and scratch-resistant, it also provides a durable yet lightweight canoe that can accommodate two people. Crystal Kayak provides a clear view of the ocean/lake below from the safety of your clear canoe. It comes with a 1-year warranty!

The comforting aspect is that this Company has several years of experience with research and manufacturing of transparent kayak!

Their Tandem Kayak is a Kayak/Canoe Hybrid. Clear bottom kayak has a removable frame and inflatable chambers that allow for easy storage, stacking, and transportation. Use your kayak with clear bottom for kayaking with your dog, fishing, or as a children’s kayak! The high sides in the clear bottom kayak allow for moderately choppy waters with no spillover. It also offers adequate storage space so you can pack a picnic and hit the water!

If you wish to start your own rental business, this Company offers great package deals! If you already own a rental shop, a hotel, or an Airbnb, Crystal Kayak comes as a NO-BRAINER choice! You can rent these see through kayak units at double the price of a standard kayak and offer a high-end, exclusive experience to your favorite customers!

Gift this gorgeous and durable two-person see through kayak to your special someone who would take a thrill from experiencing the added pleasures of rowing in the ocean/lake.



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