Everything you need to know about Poo Product: how does poo pourri work, does it really work, how to use poo-pourri royal flush, and the infamous commercial!


Looking for a fun and useful secret Santa gift? Probably your search ends here! These topics are covered in this post (feel free to let us know if you’d like to know more): how does Poo-Pourri royal flush work, does poo pourri work, how to use poo pourri, and some tidbits on the infamous commercial.

This before you go toilet spray set pack comes with three refreshing scents: Original Citrus, Lavender Vanilla, and Poo-Pourri royal flush. This three-pack is not only long-lasting, but you can also now use it discreetly at work, on the plane, or anywhere else you go!

Poo-Pourri Commercial – “Girls Don’t Poop”!

I bet this is the part everyone wants to read about – the infamous poo-pourri commercial. In 2013, this company went viral through this ad called “Girls Don’t Poop” which has since its release been viewed over 43 million times (as of today) on YouTube. Their initial investment of $25,000 (back in 2007) has over time spawned a $300+ million company.

How does poo pourri work?

>> Spritz the bowl before you do your duty to create a barrier on the toilet water’s surface that ends up trapping the #2 odor below. >> Proceed with your (poo) business-as-usual. All anyone around will smell is the refreshing blend of this product's natural essential oils. >> Finally, you and your toilet guests can leave (without embarrassment) the area smelling better than you found it!

Does poo pourri really work?

While we haven't done any scientific testing per se, these products have received a big thumbs up from the world market. Some Amazon reviewers - including Pregnant women, have found this useful in blocking the foul odor. Certain someone also said - their original scent smells lemony and does the job by completely masks any foul smells. The toilet doesn't smell cleaner, rather more like a collection of essential oils.

How to use poo pourri?

Spray about three of its spritzes into the toilet bowl before you settle to do the deed. That's all the work there is - the product takes care of the rest!

It makes for a great gag gift, Christmas Present, Secret Santa gift, or as a funny gift item to the stinky pooper in your life!



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