Potted Amaryllis with Stake for the person who loves Indoor Plants and Flowers! Brighten your winter days and bring holiday cheer to family & friends with these stunning Dutch flowers.


Gift your Amaryllis Plant lover friend the season’s most glorious gift – the Potted Amaryllis! Amaryllis bulbs are apparently easy to grow, and they produce magnificent blooms for multiple weeks of enjoyment. Bulbs begin blooming in 6-10 weeks, and they each will produce 1-2 flower stalks (read: amaryllis bulb care instructions below). The varieties included in the photo – (Amaryllis Red and Amaryllis White) are Pierrot, Cherry Nymph, Double Record, and Spartacus.

  • Pierrot: Each Amaryllis flower is a beautiful crimson-and-white star with a pale green throat
  • Cherry Nymph: its double, vivid red blooms make this a winning variety and a longtime favorite among most
  • Double Record: its lively strokes and spatters of pink make each of the Amaryllis flower of this version uniquely beautiful
  • Spartacus: candy cane-striped petals, in this red-and-white beauty, brings a festive feel

How do you care for Amaryllis bulbs?

Some tips that can help with Amaryllis Care: Make sure to plant the bulb in good potting soil, and water regularly while ensuring to provide bright and indirect light. A support stake is handy for keeping these Amaryllis bulbs upright. Most varieties begin blooming around six to eight weeks after they’re planted; some of them can take as long as around ten weeks. If your Amaryllis flowers are not yet potted, plant these amaryllis bulbs in a 6-8″ pot. Heavy pots are preferred over the lightweight ones as the latter may tip over under the weight of Amaryllis blooms. Plant the bulb and pack the soil gently around the bulb in a way that approximately 1/3rd of the bulb remains above the soil. More importantly – do not use soil from your garden because it won’t drain properly. Finally, place the pot in a location so that it receives bright and indirect light. Water sparingly until about 2″ of new growth is seen. From then on, start watering regularly. As the plant grows, turn your pot periodically as that encourages the flower stalks to grow straight. Flower buds will start to appear at the top of each stalk, and you’ll know you’ve done it right as that will be followed by a dramatic floral display. To ensure prolonged blooms, keep your pot out of direct sunlight.

Gift potted amaryllis (amaryllis red and amaryllis white) to your mom, grandma, friends, or anyone who enjoys these flowers to decorate their Christmas spirits!



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