Rechargeable Head & Eye 2-in-1 Electric Helmet Massager helps improve sleep quality, reduces stress, enhances deep relaxation and brings relief to your entire body.


The coolest looking device with eye and head massager functionality! This relaxing head massager helmet offers multiple key features including – soothing the pressure points around your scalp, head, temples, eyes, and back of the neck, relieving all the pressure effectively. It is ideal for those who work on a computer or read for extended periods. It does all the right things, including heat compress, air compression, finger-like kneading, and vibration to the head and eyes area, to help the scalp stress relax. Head Massager effectively melts away your brain strain and fatigue and benefits the body to unwind and encourages restful sleep. Does massaging the scalp help hair grow? Read on to know more.

Some features of Head & Eye Massager Helmet:

  1. You can Customize Air Pressure Modes by choosing between low, medium and, firm air modes. The Breo app allows you to regulate and adjust the pressure intensity from 0 -100% for various regions – scalp, neck, temples, and the ocular areas. This regulated air pressure offers a human touch – a finger-like kneading to head and eye area’s acupressure points
  2. Heat Compression: You can turn on and turn off the heat to suit your comfort level. The compression soothes dry eyes and dark circles
  3. Music Control:  You can choose volume and music or it also allows you to add your own favorite music. The app’s soothing, built-in classical music induces relaxed restful sleep.
  4. Cordless and Portable: Built-in rechargeable battery enables the use of this massager cordlessly. This allows you to freely move around without any wires. When fully charged the battery supports 1 week’s use (15 mins each day).

What are the Benefits of Head Massager?

A head massage using this massager may serve multiple purposes including relieving stress, fatigue, and tension. It may also ease pain from migraines or headaches, lower your blood pressure, and also improve circulation to your head and neck area, which may help improve memory and concentration and promote hair growth. A good scalp massage can even strengthen your follicles.

Does Massaging Scalp Help Hair Grow?

The reason research and science support the theory that scalp massage promotes hair growth is that blood vessels beneath the skin get stimulated and dilated when the scalp is massaged. When more blood flows through the scalp, the hair follicles receive more nutrients and oxygen. It strengthens them and promotes faster growth of good, healthy hair. In fact, studies have shown that a consistent 4 minutes of scalp massage every day for several weeks, helps significantly improve the thickness and growth.


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