These attractive wind chime represents longing for the future and good wishes, can be as a great gift for who you love. Moon shape light glows at night, giving your garden romantic atmosphere in the dark.


This unique retro moon shaped solar wind chimes are designed to add a refreshing and fashionable touch to your outdoor decor. The cracked glass looks like a beautiful crystal ball, providing warm light and a romantic atmosphere for your backyard. It’s not only a hanging these chimes for the outside but also makes for a gorgeous solar garden light decor. LeiDrai’s device automatically lights up about 8 hours at night after getting 8 hours of full charge during the day, which is environmental friendly and energy saving. Have you ever wondered what is the purpose of wind chimes and how to make these louder? We researched into it.

What is the Purpose of Wind Chimes?

Many many years ago people believed sounds of chimes would ward off the evil spirits and hung them in doorways and near the windows to dissuade bad luck from entering their home. In modern times, people, particularly in the east, use this decorative item's soothing sounds in memoriam of their lost loved one. Apart from it being wildly used for decorative purposes across the world, it was once used to signal oncoming storms. Another popular use of these is in agricultural fields to keep the birds and pests away through the chimes' sounds.

How to make wind chimes louder?

If you believe in DIY-ing this - then shortening the distance between the disc and the branch and using heavier tubes and lighter hammer may help with getting your decorative wind ringer ring louder.

Solar Moon Wind Chimes make for a perfect housewarming present as it is believed to bring luck to the owners. They usually say, more the merrier with wind chimes! Also, your aunt/relative/friend from the east will appreciate these as they look as beautiful as they work producing soft soothing sounds.


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