Spikeball is a fun, active, and competitive game suitable for all age groups- whether you’re looking to break some sweat or just enjoy some fun family time!


Who doesn’t enjoy easy to learn fun Yard Games?

It takes about 10 minutes to catch on and then you’ll be hitting MONSTER spikes and playing amazing points! The Spikeball Game Set is a game for all age groups that just need four people and some open space (can be the beach, backyard, the basement, or the gym class). Get yourself moving and break some sweat! Spikeball is a super fun, highly active, and competitive (for you competitive souls) 2 on 2 games (yes – can be played with fewer players) that is played with rules like that of volleyball. The foldable legs in the product make it tougher. Oh and beware – errant dives and falls happen as part of this game, and these foldable legs can take all the abuse. Bonus! Easier to store the kit in your trunk, closet, or in garage. It comes with an adjustable net- you can tailor the net’s tightness to your preference – like setting more bounce for the newer players and set less bounce for the more advanced folks. Find out if you can play spikeball with 2 players and read on for tips? This Spikeball Game Set appeared on Shark Tank – isn’t that cool?!

Spikeball Game Set Playing Rules:

This guide will help onboard you quickly and you can start playing Spikeball game that appeared on Shark Tank right away – https://www.uwyo.edu/rec/intramural-sports/_files/docs/rules/spikeball-s2018.pdf

Spikeball Tips:

  1. Never be the best player in your games.
  2. Use your offhand
  3. Your main goal must be to never do what your opponent expects from you
  4. Challenge your off-hand.
  5. Practice deception.
  6. Find a partner as into the game as you
  7. Practice your best on placement and touch and not power.
  8. Focus highest in the Fourth Quarter in all matches
  9. Think about Spikeball more strategically
  10. Play on all surfaces.

Can you play Spikeball with two players?

Yes, you can – a fun way to play 1-1 is by making a little modification to the rules –

  • You can limit play to 180 degrees vs. 360.
  • Players are allowed to move anywhere they want to, but the spikeball must land only on the side opposite them.
  • Allow only 2 hits – it forces the players to attempt some more difficult shots.


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