Show that you care for others and yourself by buying/gifting this offensive, funny and cute cloth face mask. They come in three colors.


Stop Staring. Wear Yours. $1 in profit from the sale of every cloth face mask is donated to a nonprofit to feed children in need. Cloth Face Masks work! These masks offer complete nose and mouth coverage while also offending the people who stare at them. Comes with a single-sided print. This face mask includes two 6-inch elastic ear loops. It is no secret that holiday seasons this year might be unlike any other. For starters, you might be planning not to celebrate any of your big occasions and festivals at all this year. But you could- with all the safety precautions including wearing a cute and funny cloth face mask. Interestingly, in these strange times, these even make a great gift item. For one, everyone needs them when they step out of the house and even when socializing indoors and it serves as a great way to show the person you love that you care about their safety. If you’re thinking of buying one for yourself and also for someone else with a funny bone, you’ll appreciate how offensive and effective- this can be! If you’re wondering if these cute and funny cloth face masks are as effective as medical masks and also how to wash them –  then read on!

Are cloth masks as effective as medical masks?

Yes. There is evidence of efficacy from both lab studies as well as results from real-world that prove that cloth masks contain respiratory droplets in them before they can be expelled into the air. Multilayer cloth masks, that fit well around the face and are made of water-resistant fabric with high thread count and finer weave, may provide protection if they’re designed well and are used correctly.

How to wash cloth face mask and how often?

CDC recommends washing your mask after each use, and you can go ahead and wash it in a washing machine or even by hand. You can include your mask along with your regular dirty laundry and run the machine to wash your mask with the warmest water it can handle. If washing by hand, make sure to soak the mask in bleach for a few minutes before rinsing it thoroughly in warm water. Make sure that the mask dries completely before re-using it to avoid the growth of mold. Feel free to hang it outside/dry it in direct sunlight which will ensure killing all germs. 

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