Taco vs Burrito is a wildly popular Strategy Card Game created by a 7year old kid. Curious already? Here we have included a guide on how to play Taco vs Burrito game and links to buy the expansion pack.


A 7-year-old (yes – you read that right) Seattle kid created this surprisingly creative strategy game that can be played and enjoyed by all ages (7 and above). Alex, the kid entrepreneur made around $1M in a year through this game, $20 at a time. At one point in that year – it hit the No. 1 bestselling card game on Amazon. Taco vs Burrito also soared on Kickstarter (the platform that gives life to creative work including games), beating and exceeding the initial goal set by 2,400%! Okay now after all the hype, here’s a lot more about how to play Taco vs Burrito – This game is optimal for 2-4 players and can be quickly and easily learned but the strategic part of the game is triggered by the action cards that shift the game into unpredictable territory. It makes this strategy game exciting up to the very end! We are here to make your life easy, so read up Taco vs Burrito game rules, and how to buy the fun expansion pack.

How to play Taco vs Burrito? | Taco vs Burrito Rules!

The objective of this game is to build the wildest meal!

Taco vs Burrito with Expansion Pack Link


Start by dealing 5 cards to each player and put down the remaining in the middle of the table

Game Play

When it is your turn to play, draw one card, then add an 

  • Ingredient card to a Taco/Burrito – that adds points (OR)
  • Tummy Ache card to reduce the points/value of the meal (OR)
  • Hot Sauce Boss to double the points/value of the meal

Taco vs Burrito Game with Expansion Pack Link

OR Play an action card

Use these googly action cards – the Trash Pand, Food Fight or Crafty Crow to get the cards that you need to win.

Taco vs Burrito Game with Expansion Pack Links

Watch OUT!

The action cards – Health Inspector and Order Envy can ruin your points/meal.

When the Health Inspector action card is drawn, all the contents of your well-prepared meal go straight into the trash!

Taco vs Burrito with Expansion Pack Links

When the Order Envy action card is played, you can swap your meal and your hand in the game with any other player.

Taco vs Burrito with Expansion Pack Link

No Bueno

Now the best card to have in the game is a No Bueno card – it helps to block Action Cards (except the Health Inspector). And yes, with another No Bueno card, you can block the block!

End of the Game

The game is played clockwise and goes on until the draw pile is exhausted. The game is instantly over when any player is out of his cards, then the player with the most points in his hand is the winner.

Where can I buy Taco vs Burrito Game Expansion Pack?

Like the game already and want to get yourself the whole bundle (main box with the expansion pack)? – then here’s where you can buy- https://amzn.to/3aa4nns

If you already have the game and are only looking for the expansion pack – https://amzn.to/2MLwHUx



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