Gift of conversation & mush in one fun & romantic talk, flirt, dare game for lovers. Take a look at some talk, flirt, dare game questions and play it this Valentine’s Day.


Looking to re-ignite the old spark with your lover-boo? Introducing TALK FLIRT DARE – card games for lovers to play on Valentine’s Day as a couple or with groups of people! Bored of other conversation starter games or have exhausted playing and trying them all and looking for theme-based questions game with variety and kink? Wish to test your knowledge of your lover’s likes, dislikes, and deep secret wishes? Also, do you wish to feel the way you felt during one of your first dates? With all the flirty fun? Then, look no further – this is the game for you. The “Talk Game” will strengthen your connection – you and your partner each take turns to answer questions and test your knowledge of each other. As the name suggests, the “Flirt Game” is all about the comfortable/uncomfortable flirty questions – pick a card and reveal your secrets – something you can choose to play on your cozy date night. The “Dare Game” is all about action – for those who enjoy fun and flirty dares – this is where you start. If you want to take a peek into some of the talk flirt dare questions – we have included some examples from the cards here. An awesome Valentine’s Day Game gift and the perfect recipe for a romantic evening for lovers together. Gift this as a wedding present to some of your close friends, to newlyweds, or as a romantic present to self or your lover to spark up your relationship.

Talk, Flirt, Dare Questions, and Example Cards

Here are some sample questions for you to get a feel of the game!

  • For the next ten minutes, be your partners’ servant. Bring them drinks, give them a massage, or anything else they desire  
  • If you and your partner had the entire day to spend in bed, what would you do?
  • Choose a profession for your partner that is the opposite of what they do now. Something that YOU think they could be really good at
  • What situation made you realize that you and your partner are a good match



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