Start treasure hunting with this high accuracy waterproof metal detector that can detect iron, zinc, aluminum, gold, copper, silver and more in all-metal mode!


Get on the fast-track to getting rich by exploring all kinds of metals using this RICOMAX waterproof metal detector. Whether you’re a veteran or a beginner treasure hunter, this metal detector will help meet your needs. Equipped with a 33 to 40.6 inch adjustable stem, it fits both adults’ and kids‘ sizes and works with headphones. The package it comes in includes a digging shovel and a carry bag. It is definitely a great gift for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages.

What can this device detect?

This RICOMAX waterproof metal detector can detect gold, iron, zinc, copper, aluminum, silver, and more when set in all-metal mode. If you wish to focus on only specific metals to your liking, you can press the ‘MODE’ button and switch to the DISC mode. As an fyi -two 9V alkaline batteries are required to run this waterproof metal detector.

High Accuracy and Underwater compatibility of RICOMAX waterproof metal detector:

The bigger the search coil, the higher the accuracy of this underwater metal detector. The 10-inch long search coil can reach up to 8 inches in depth under water, greatly conducive to detecting efficiency. The waterproof nature of the stem and its coil (its control box is not waterproof) allow you to explore inside the water or on the beach.

Pinpoint Function (underwater pinpointer) & Audio Prompt:

When searching for different types of metal, each has distinctive tones to prompt. After using it for a certain amount of time, you can tell what you found just by hearing the sounds. The added Pinpointer function helps zero-in on the targets. 

Why do the Detectors keep Beeping?

On highly mineralized land or in an area full of trashy metal, the detector may keep on beeping even when there is no metal. In such a case, you can decrease the waterproof metal detector’s sensitivity or increase its DISC value. Meanwhile, try to keep the search coil a certain distance away from the ground.


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