Avoid spills and drips with the specially designed large slanted top. If you are a wine drinker, you will appreciate how this Wine Decanter’s 32 ounces / 750ml wine breather enhances the taste.


Le Chateau Wine Decanter – a beautiful hand-blown lead-free crystal adds radiance and luxury to any room or kitchen with its elegant, sophisticated, and modern design. Impress your guests and amplify the ambiance of the occasion with this wine aerator. This wine aerator is specially designed with an easy to pour a large slanted top that helps avoid spills and drips. It is perfect to aerate a merlot, cabernet, pinot noir, port, and other bottles of wine. Le Chateau Wine Decanter makes the perfect luxury present for any “wino”. Surprise your wine connoisseur friends, mom, grandparents, dad, husband, wife, or relatives who are sure to appreciate this gift for holidays,weddings,anniversaries, or for their birthdays.

What does a wine decanter do?

This process of transfer from the bottle to the aerator oxygenates it and releases its rich aroma and flavor. This wine pourer thus helps enhance the purity, taste, and aroma of your favorite red or white wine.

How to use a wine decanter?

Learn how to decant wine from the pros: https://home.binwise.com/blog/how-to-decant-wine. This useful guide teaches you the how-to based on the type of wine you're decanting. It also tells you how long to, why, and when to do this process.

Something to know before you purchase any wine pourer:

The volumetric capacity of your decanter is pointless and doesn’t matter. What really does is the breathable surface area that one bottle of wine is being exposed to in the wine carafe. When an entire bottle of your favorite wine is poured into this aerator, it reaches the widest diameter on it, thereby allowing for maximum aeration. This is a wine accessory that any wine lover shouldn’t live without!


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